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Whether youre a student with an orthodontic need or an adult not quite satisfied with the image you project, a beautiful smile is a confidence-booster like no other.

OBC offers the best in techniques, products and process for your orthodontic needs including SureSmile Digital Orthodontics, the Damon Bracket System, i-CAT 3-D Digital Imaging and Invisalign.

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"Our experience was wonderful. Dr. Crutchfield was very knowledgable, professional and always entertaining. He explained things very simply and in a way we could understand. He and his staff was more than patient with my son, who doesn't have the best oral hygiene habits, no matter how hard we tried to instill them in him. We now have a third son in treatment and couldn't be happier with OBC!"

Review Verified on 9/10/2013
"My daughter had a combined records appointment and had her top braces put on - everyone was friendly, informative and efficient!"

Review Verified on 8/29/2013
"I drive from Crystal City to Chantilly for my appointments. The drive is worth the great atmosphere at Orthodontics by Crutchfield! I always leave smiling and laughing. My Invisalign process has been so easy to follow thanks to the excellent staff!"

Review Verified on 8/28/2013
"Everyone was very nice and remembered me."

Review Verified on 8/25/2013
"On time and quick!"

Review Verified on 8/25/2013
"Great first experience. Came in for x-rays to get the ball rolling. Encouraging and friendly staff. My daughter was motivated to take good care of her teeth."

Review Verified on 8/24/2013
"Julia's braces went on with minimal pain and discomfort. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly she has adjusted and how easy this was for her!"

Review Verified on 8/23/2013
"Easy in and out in 15 minutes. You are welcomed when you come in the door."

Review Verified on 8/23/2013
"We drive from Burke we love Dr. Crutchfield so much. Genuinely caring man with an office full of nice, helpful people. I have one son almost done with braces and one starting so we love the results and feel lucky to have found OBC!"

Review Verified on 8/22/2013
"Great service and excellent results!"

Review Verified on 8/21/2013
"Dr. Crutchfield is amazing!!! He takes really good care of my teeth."

Review Verified on 8/21/2013
"Dr. Crutchfield used his expertise on our first son Andrew who is now 22. He had to use his magic on my 2nd son Taylor (with out pulling any teeth) he had teeth growing above each other. His teeth had to be an orthodontist nightmare. Today, Taylor is getting his braces off! He has a perfect smile. Thank You Dr. Crutchfield."

Review Verified on 8/20/2013
"We have had a very positive experience. Dr. Crutchfield and the staff have always been professional, courteous, friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend Dr. Crutchfield to my family and friends. We will definitely be back when it is time for my younger son to get his braces."

Review Verified on 8/20/2013
"My wife and I are very very happy with everything that the Doc and all his staff does for us. Always professional, happy positive ambience and treat you with respect no matter what. We would recommend to anyone we know over and over again."

Review Verified on 8/19/2013
"They're excruciatingly friendly in there, while being overly prompt and efficient. I would go so far to say that it's almost annoying how great OBC. Almost. I wouldn't go somewhere else even if they paid me. Keep up the fantastic work."

Review Verified on 8/17/2013
"They did good"

Review Verified on 8/15/2013
"We've been very pleased with the personalized care, patient education and sharing of professional opinion and expertise-to include long-range prognosis for impacted teeth."

Review Verified on 8/15/2013
"It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Crutchfield is very experienced and through with his work. The office staff is very friendly. Overall an awesome experience!!"

Review Verified on 8/13/2013
"Orthodontics by Crutchfield has been awesome with all three of my children. Just finished with my last child in braces and have all great things to say about the practice. All the staff are always pleasant and attentive. This practice is run very smoothly and efficiently with awesome results. Dr. Crutchfield is always pleasant and available for questions. Thank you to all!!!"

Review Verified on 8/12/2013
"It has been a pleasure getting our orthodontic needs from OBC. Rachana is family member #3 coming to OBC. We have recommended OBC to many of our friends as well. Thank you for doing such a great job. Priya"

Review Verified on 8/10/2013
"Wonderful staff! Great experience!"

Review Verified on 8/9/2013
"Caitlin has been a patient for 14 months, and she has received SUPER treatment! The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and very professional. ALL of our questions are answered promptly. Recommended your office friends and neighbors."

Review Verified on 8/9/2013
"I love how we're "in and out" with our appointment! Always very prompt service and much appreciated. Very personable doctor!"

Review Verified on 8/9/2013
"Great job - very efficient office and group of employees. Always on time for the appointments and very friendly staff."

Review Verified on 8/8/2013
"Nothing but great things to say about Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. The service is fantastic, the staff is friendly,it feels like you have a friend when you walk in the office. Will recommend Dr. Crutchfield and his practice to everyone I know who requires orthodontic treatment."

Review Verified on 8/7/2013
"As always, I appreciate the excellent service my boys have always received from Dr. Crutchfield's office. Dr. Crutchfield has gone way beyond my expectations. My boys had braces with Dr. Crutchfield and have had them off for a number of years. When their dentist expressed that they needed to have their wisom teeth extracted, I contacted Dr. Crutchfield for a second opinion. Even though my boys were not current patients, he willingly set an appointment for them, took films, and gave me a referral to an oral surgeon. I appreciate his commitment to his patients - present and past. Thank You!"

Review Verified on 8/6/2013
"Our 2nd child is getting braces on this week and we highly recommend Dr. Crutchfield to anyone who is thinking about braces for their children. Dr. Crutchfield is knowledgeable and he makes getting braces fun and easy for the kids. We have never had a problem getting an appointment that works for us or getting information about our chlidren's treatment."

Review Verified on 8/3/2013
"Went in for a consultation and from start to finish the staff was friendly and professional. I felt very relaxed the whole time."

Review Verified on 8/2/2013
"I am very happy with the work and service provided by Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. My son's teeth look great!"

Review Verified on 8/2/2013
"Went for a consultation. Wow! Super impressed. Extremely professional and love the fact that the whole office was designed to create an relaxed, fun environment, especially for children. No need to "consult" with other orthodontists, we will be going there."

Review Verified on 8/1/2013
"As a adult patient of OBC, I have nothing but the highest praise for Doctor Crutchfield and his team. From initial consultation, through the transformation of my crooked smile to final spectacular results, and the follow up visits to ensure all remains well, OBC have always been friendly, courteous, professional and above all else engaged and caring about the patient experience. The facilities are state of the art, while comforting and inviting (the decor in the lobby will have you reaching for your shades and sun block!). As a reticent patient, they were able to put me at ease about the process and were great in explaining everything that was being done and setting expectations about how quickly the final results would take. Above all else, what I appreciate about OBC is that they look upon their patients as people first and foremost, not just a line item on the balance sheet. I regard them as friends as well as the saviours of my smile. And, should my son take after his father and be blessed with having all the right teeth in all the wrong places, I will be bringing him to Doctor Crutchfield to do his magic all over again!"

Review Verified on 8/1/2013
"Wonderful service, patient is taken on time. Friendly and professional staff."

Review Verified on 7/31/2013
"I am very impressed by Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. I have been to other orthodontists for myself and my older daughter, but decided to consult with Dr. Crutchfield for my younger daughter. I was immediately drawn to Dr. Crutchfield's integrity - showing me treatment options to save me money, where other orthodontists would have had her in braces much earlier and at a higher cost. In addition, his whole staff is friendly and professional. I wish I had known about him when I had braces put on my older daughter (which had to be re-done a second time by another orthodontist). My younger daughter looks forward to every visit to Dr. Crutfield's office!"

Review Verified on 7/31/2013
"Dr. Crutchfield was informative and explained all aspects of my daughter's treatment plan. The office staff is friendly and accomodating. I would highly recommend using dr Crutchfield!!"

Review Verified on 7/31/2013
"We want to thank Dr.Crutchfield and his staff for doing a wonderful job for both of my kids. Appointments were so convenient and office atmosphere is so good. We are very happy with the result of my kids and they finished the job on time. We are glad that we chose Dr. Crutchfield. Thank you."

Review Verified on 7/31/2013
"I've read several reviews for OBC so I have been wondering what I could add to the well-deserved rave reviews to express my gratitude. I am an adult patient who got braces after Dr. Crutchfield did my daughter's braces. So, at this point, we have been at OBC for probably 3-1/2 years. It has truly been our privilege to be treated by Dr. Crutchfield and his staff. It is a place where 100% of the time the service is provided by people 100% of whom are professional, cheerful, efficient, accommodating and excellent at what they do - from Dr. Crutchfield to every person on his staff. My daughter and I were ALWAYS made to feel were were valued as patients from the minute we walked into the office until we left, no matter if we were there for a routine visit or a last minute "emergency". We never experienced a second of impatience, impertinence or rudeness - EVER. It was also a process where I never felt I needed to worry that the outcome would be anything less than what I wanted and what it should be. Dr. Crutchfield's knowledge, skill and integrity were obvious and there simply was no question he would ensure that our treatment was not over until we were happy with the results. I guess the most concise way to review our experience would be to say that OBC is a medical practice/business model that all others should strive to be. It is truly exceptional."

Review Verified on 7/29/2013
"All three of our boys went to Dr. Crutchfield for their braces. Our youngest just started. The office has the greatest customer service and makes patients feel very comfortable."

Review Verified on 7/27/2013
"I like OBC :) everyone works there so sweet."

Review Verified on 7/26/2013
"The staff are always welcoming and helpful. My son loves the office environment and so do my daughters who are sometimes dragged along to appointments. The games and the slushies are a big bonus for them."

Review Verified on 7/26/2013
"I received my braces a few days ago, and it wasn't that bad! Again, the people who work at OBC are really kind and they know what they are doing. They made me feel better after I first got braces by making me laugh. :D I am happy to be one of Dr. Crutchfield's patients! 10/10 for OBC!"

Review Verified on 7/26/2013
"Great staff! Great service! Great Dr.!"

Review Verified on 7/25/2013
"My daughter had her retainer for almost a year and it had cracked from what we thought was normal wear and tear. Crutchfield Orthodontics replaced it at no cost and continues to provide excellent service to their customers on a daily basis."

Review Verified on 7/25/2013
Reviews 925 - 966 of 1079

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